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Being accused of a crime can be a traumatic experience. It can affect every aspect of your life from family, to career, to your reputation in the community. It can also affect your ability to drive, your ability to vote, and in some cases the ability to volunteer for functions in your child’s school.

For example, convictions for criminal traffic offenses such as DUI can result in fees, incarceration, probation and fines that costs thousands of dollars in addition to license suspensions, increased insurance costs and mandated counseling. If you have multiple convictions for driving on a suspended license the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your license for up to five years.

Felony offenses can result in fees, incarceration, registration requirements, loss of voting rights, loss of financial aid and, in some cases, loss or prevention of professional licensing and gun rights. With the increase of background checks for apartment complexes and gated communities, a conviction may prevent you from living in places you and your family wish to live. This is in addition to any prison time the State may be seeking. The most minor of felony crimes can carry a sentence of up to five years in the Florida Department of Corrections. There may also be probation and supervisory requirements that are humiliating and expensive.

Even what seems like a minor misdemeanor crime can have serious consequences and impacts on your life. Misdemeanors such as petit theft are considered crimes of dishonesty and can prevent you from getting a job. Misdemeanor possession charges are considered drug offenses that can result in suspension of school financial aid and loss of a driver’s license for a specific period of time. Multiple misdemeanors can prevent entry into some branches of the military.

You need an attorney who not only understands what is at stake but has the knowledge and advocacy skills necessary to help you receive the best outcome for your situation. AJ Stickley has the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you with all of your criminal matters.

AJ understands that each case is unique and different. Not only will he take the time to listen to your personal concerns, he will take the time needed to make sure that you understand every option. With his years of experience in the criminal system both as prosecutor and defense attorney, AJ has the ability to review your case from every legal viewpoint. This allows him to create a personalized strategy just for you.

Do not trust your legal rights to just anyone. Call our office at 941-474-5506 today to schedule a consultation. 

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